5 Reasons To Try Live, Online Yoga

You might have heard of online yoga.  Maybe you’ve even downloaded a recorded class.  But why try a Live Online Yoga Class?


For the time poor or geographically challenged, online yoga is a great way to get access to quality instruction wherever your circumstances take you.   


If your commute or work hours are punishing enough, it can be difficult to squeeze in extra practice in your week.  If you live in a remote location in Australia or anywhere in the world, online yoga is a great option to keep practicing when you can’t get to a studio. 


Alternatively, if you just want to practice with some of your favourite teachers, no matter where they are, then live, online yoga classes and workshops can add immense value.

Teacher-Student Care

One of the differentiators between live and recorded online yoga is the opportunity to cultivate the teacher-studentrelationship central to yoga.  Your teacher is an important part of your yoga journey and, in a live session, they are able to give you personalised care and customised sequences. 

By sharing webcams, your teacher can connect with you and find out more about what your mind and body needs on a given day.  They can offer verbal adjustments or help break down a difficult pose.  Your teacher can also monitor the effects of a practice on your nervous system and your breath. 

Importantly, you have someone to ask when you have questions about your practice. 


If motivation or consistency is your challenge, live online yoga also offers a measure of accountability to keep you showing up for classes.  Registration and attendance tracking provide a support system to help you set practice goals and measure your progress.

Just like in a real studio setting, your teacher and fellow students will recognise when you’re there and notice when you’re not.  This reinforces your commitment to your practice and builds a community of support to keep you focused.

Great for Beginners

One advantage of live, online yoga is how reassuring it is, especially for beginners. 

You have direct access to your teacher and you can practice in the comfort of your own home.  While you do share your webcam, it is much less intimidating and feels like a community without the comparison. 

Augment your practice

If you are more experienced, live, online yoga might become your main medium of practice but its more likely that it will complement and augment your other practice.  

It is ideal to blend some teacher-led practice and self-practice, in studio and at home.  By being able to ‘mix media’ you can stimulate your practice, constructing your own blend of studio classes, workshops, teacher-led and home-based practice to avoid stagnation.

At mrandmrspose.com we also run face to face group classes, such as those on Saturday mornings, or private sessions to enhance the online experience and allow an even more personal touch.  Book in for any of our CLASSES and enjoy your first class free. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!  

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