Aching Legs and Feet

Aching legs and feet? I received a wonderful question about this last week that I thought I might share.

This client experienced significant pain and discomfort in their legs and feet, particularly feet, after long periods standing at work. They wondered if yoga might help.

Without a detailed, personal review, I can only offer general advice and I always check if someone has sought medical attention for the condition first. This is important before trying to support any condition with yoga therapy.

Specific postures for aching legs and feet will depend on the individual and the cause of the condition. It could be circulation, sciatica or any number of factors. However, I might suggest starting with something quite gentle like this Pawanmuktasana sequence and then moving to 'Legs Up The Wall' Viparita Karani. You can spend up to 10 minutes in this pose. Inversions are a wonderful way to relieve pressure.

Other considerations with legs and feet, apart from practical considerations like footwear and breaks at work, are energetic possibilities. Our lower limbs naturally carry us forward through our lives. Louise Hay suggests that legs and feet represent our understanding of ourselves, our life and those around us. Problems with legs and feet might reveal a sense of confusion or impeded progress, perhaps even a fear of the future.

Therefore, it might be worth meditating on such blockages of fear or understanding as they can manifest in our bodies. An intention or sankalpa may help such as, "I am clear, safe, and willing to change." Repeat this silently, 3 times, at the beginning and end of every practice. This is also ideal for use in Yoga Nidra relaxation.

The good news is though that doing the right practical things and contemplating your energetic state can help you feel a great deal better about managing a condition like this.

I'm inspired by this question to do a video class on the topic but I hope this helps in the meantime!

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