Philosophy and Meditation Webinar with Swami Pujan Tue 16 June

Our first Philosophy & Meditation Webinar with Swami Pujan on Tuesday night proved a wonderful forum for learning, growth and exchange. Our main reason for launching this type of webinar is to create a forum for students at all levels, whether beginners, intermediate or yoga teachers and advanced students, to continue their spiritual study (svadhyaya). Even when trained in yogic philosophy and meditation, learning does not stop when we leave the classroom, the inquiry is lifelong. Access to our teachers is one of the difficult aspects of modern yogic life. Therefore, creating a forum like this lead by a spiritual teacher like Swami Pujan creates a community of like minds (sangha) to support us.

Last night, one of our attendees was four months pregnant so this initiated a discussion about the energetic cleansing that occurs during pregnancy. We discussed meditation, employing a new focus/drishti to the belly to support spiritual development of the baby and strengthen the bond within. 

Pujan then talked about the Yogic view that imprints or repetitive patterns (samskara) are continued/reincarnated from previous lives but also that they can also form in this life even in the womb. For this reason, the mother needs to cultivate calm, positive energy during pregnancy to support the spiritual as well as physical growth of the baby. He emphasised that the ego (ahankara) is not continued between lives but that samskara and karma are reincarnated as well as generated in this life.

We also briefly discussed faith and doubt. The idea of faith (sraddha) in Yoga is less tangible than that in religious traditions. Faith is defined in Yoga as the realisation that the Self is the higher consciousness. Doubt is not regarded as a bad thing because it facilitates the journey to faith. Pujan explained that we should not worry when we experience doubt (or scepticism). As long as we pursue our doubt with an open, unfettered beginners mind, as opposed to cynicism, this is part of the journey.

This brought us to touch on the purpose of this life, our duty, our dharma. One of the attendees expressed concern about not knowing what her dharma was and that it seemed to change during her life. Pujan suggested this wasn’t as important as we might think and that the purpose of life is to realise the Self.

Download a recording of Tuesday’s webinar here.

We will run more theme-based webinars with Swami Pujan regularly, potentially leading to specialist beginners and/or advanced courses in Yogic Philosophy and Meditation. Subscribe to stay updated!

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