Yogis can be a bit serious sometimes! I am the first to admit my guilt in over-analysing all aspects of practice, endlessly trying to reconcile the pathway to Self-Realisation with the prospect of this present, potentially illusory, world. 

The fifth Yama, Aparigraha (non-hoarding/non-greed): How does one reconcile this with the consumption abounding at Christmas of times? How can we be in the world but not of it?  

One way may be to allow spontaneity, releasing attachment, judgement and expectation of people and situations. The struggle for enlightenment risks being a humourless affair unless we 'lighten up'! 

When we are attached to anything, even our own practice, we miss opportunity.  Moreover, opportunities abound at this time of year to be a kind, loving force in the world.  We can create beautiful memories, share gifts and be spontaneously kind. This is our practice too.

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